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Doctoral Caps & Tudor Bonnets for Graduation 2 Results

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PhD/Doctoral Tudor Bonnet - Graduation UK

PhD/Doctoral Tudor Bonnet

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American 6 Sided Doctoral Tam - Academic Reglia - Graduation UK

American Doctoral Tam - Academic Regalia

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Tudor Bonnet: A Historical Hat Used For A Noble Purpose

A Tudor Bonnet cap is a round cap. It's a soft cap and it's used only for academic purposes. There is one unique feature of the cap. The feature is - it has a tassel that hangs from its puggaree (turban) with the help of a cord. The cord encircles around the edge of the cap. The tassel and the cord are sometimes made of gold. But, Oxford uses a black ribbon to replace this gold cord.

This cap is a completely academic cap and it's usually worn by a person after completing his/her doctorate degree. Usually, a doctorate degree held by a professional or research purposes wears this cap with an academic dress.

A person who has obtained an honourary degree or a higher doctorate degree also wears this cap. Apart from that, higher authorities like University officers, University council members, the president (student's union), University Marshal, or Esquire Bedell can also wear this cap on some educational establishments.

A few educational establishments have a custom to wear a mortarboard instead of a Tudor Bonnet. Furthermore, Livery and burgess guild's officers wear this cap as part of their traditional attire (with gowns).

Tudor Bonnet was really popular during the reign of Tudor. These caps have a long history. However, these caps can be made of black cloth or velvet. But, they can also have different types of colors.

Tudor Bonnet Caps and Their Other Names

- This cap is also known as - Doctor's Bonnet and Round cap.
- The American equivalent of a Tudor Bonnet is called an Academic Doctoral Tam.

The Scottish John Knox Cap

The John Knox cap is popular among Scottish doctors. When Scottish doctors wear full dress, they wear this Knox cap. The John Knox cap and the Bishop Andrews Cap may have some similarities with the Trencher cap. But, the John Knox cap is not as stiff as the trencher or mortarboard.